Monday, May 16, 2011

"Mommy. It's raining outside!"

May 10, 2011 ~~So, don't judge my parenting skills but a lot of times when Harrison plays outside in the back yard I take time to get things done inside. Our yard is fenced in and there's nothing out there for him to get hurt on. I leave the door and/or window open and go check on him every 10 minutes or so. Usually, he's just throwing dirt on himself and playing with his cars. Well, this particular day he came inside soaked and muddy and said mommy it's raining inside. It had been really nice all day so if it rained it was just all of a sudden, but I knew I didn't hear it. So I said show me where it's raining. We went outside and this is what he showed me.

Our neighbor turned on his sprinkler between our houses and Harrison was determined it was raining. It was so funny! All I could do is laugh.

I threw his tennis shoes in the washing machine and was able to save them. I had to mop the kitchen floor too because there was mud from Harrison and Dixie following him!

I try to cherish these moments because I know one day I'm going to miss this. I know I'm going to want to hear him say "mommy hold you" or "I love lu mommy" or his new one "good job mommy!" I love this little guy and he has no idea how much his life is about to change! 38 weeks on Wednesday!

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