Tuesday, June 29, 2010

18 month pictures

Janet Ledford took these pictures and I absolutely LOVE them! We met at the Botantical Gardends in Birmingham on Father's Day for her to take them. Harrison finally warmed up and Janet got some great shots.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Harrison's Room Part 2

Katie finished Harrison's room. Katie did such a good job!!! She didn't finish it until Friday afternoon so when we got home, I took him up to see it and he was so excited! He ran from wall to wall and pointed and was talking about all the cars and trucks. It was so sweet. I should've videoed it but of course I didn't have my camera upstairs with me. I ordered the bedding to match today so hopefully I'll have it by this weekend. I can't wait to get it all finished!

I'll post a Part 3 after I get his bedding and things. Ben will be home in 3 days! Please pray for safe travels for him!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Harrison's New Room Part 1

When we lived in Spain we had a 2 bedroom house, so Harrison's room was the office, guest room, Auburn room, etc. He never really had his own room. Well...now he does! I told Ben that I was going all out on his room since he never really had his own nursery. So of course while blog stalking, I found this girl named Lyndsey and on her blog she redid her son's room and I loved it! It is a totally copied room but it's so cute! Katie is painting it for me and I think it's turned into more work than she thought. Katie, mom, and the kids have been here since Tuesday and she has been working on it. Here are the pics from day 1...

Everyone could use a good pic of A.J. Man he is a cutie!!!

Here are the pictures from today. It's really looking good!

I'll post more when it's finished! I love it! Thanks to Katie for all her hard work!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Guess who is 18 months old???

Yes, he is. Can you believe it? I can't. He is such a toddler now. He doesn't walk, he runs. All the time! I guess that's what he is supposed to do, but man it is exhausting! We went for his well baby on Monday and he is right where he is supposed to be. We finally got over the 22lb mark. He now weighs 23.6 lbs, still skinny, but working on it! His little personality is really shining thru these days. He is saying some words like momma, dadda, bubble, ball, hot, baby (he says bobo),outside, and trying really hard to say Dixie. The other morning I was in the shower and I could smell that he pooped. I said Harrison did you poo poo. He made this funny face and said poo poo butt butt and pulled on his diaper...too cute! He is doing really well with daycare now. He doesn't cry anymore which is such a blessing. He eats there now and is taking a nap. The teachers tell me he is starting to play with the other kids so I'm glad that's going well. He walks in every morning by himself. He is still a pretty picky eater, but is getting better.

Here is a pic of our little guy...well he will always be my little guy...you mommas know how it is! Love to all!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Livin' in America

I haven't posted anything since April 9th...that has been a long time ago, but I have several good reasons. Harrison and I have been living back in the good ole USA since the end of April. This whole transition has been challenging, but we are hanging in there. 18 days until daddy joins us, but who is counting, right? I guess the biggest change, at least in Harrison's world, is I've gone back to work and he goes to daycare now. He has been going for about 4 weeks now and he just now doesn't cry when I drop him off. It's such a good feeling to know he isn't going to have a huge meltdown every morning. He is really good at school and he loves the teachers there. He has already been sick, but that's just part of it. As for me, I'm working at Navy Federal again. I still don't feel like I just click with any one person there, but I do like it. I like getting dressed up and out of the house. All the girls I work with are really sweet and my bosses are great! That's half the battle right there. Our stuff arrived from Spain 2 weeks ago on Wednesday. Needless to say working 40 hours a week with a toddler by myself, the boxes aren't coming along very quickly. This weekend I finally got the kitchen unpacked. Now, I just have to get it organized which I'm almost finished with. Like I mentioned above Ben will be here soon. He gets here June 25th and will have a couple of weeks off before he starts his school down here. In December he will leave for 8 months (I've gone crazy after not even 2 so not quite sure how I'm going to handle 8) so we must make the most of our time together as a family. The day after he comes home we are going to New Orleans to take Harrison to the zoo. I'm sure it will be a fun day!
Moving back to the USA has been very overwhelming. The hardest part has been not having many friends to rely on. It's so hard to do everything by myself. At least both of our moms are close if something bad happened. I do finally have Internet and Saturday I'll get cable so maybe our life is getting back to normal. Sorry no pics, but I would be embarrassed for anyone to see my house right now. After I get it decorated and organized I'll post pics. Love to all!