Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter 2010

I'm a little behind on posting this, but things have been crazy around the Peeples' house! Of course the Easter bunny came to see Harrison.

We went to Mrs. Angie's for a brunch. Mrs. Angie is the one that kept Harrison while we were in Ireland. Harrison loves her daughter, Kayla.

Harrison decided to get brave and jump on the trampoline. He had a really good time although he didn't know what to think at first.

We went to the Spinaio's for Easter dinner. Vanessa and I will be traveling to the states together a week from today. We are both super excited. At Vanessa and Tanner's house we hid Easter eggs for Hayden and Harrison to find. It took them a bit to get the whole concept but once they did they went at it!

Harrison tried to get into his Easter basket. Not really sure why. I think it's a phase. Harrison and Hayden try to get into the smallest spaces they can find.

Hayden looked like such a little man! I'm going to miss this little booger, but he is doing great in his new daycare.

One last thing. Vanessa's dog thought Harrison was running and playing with her and she kind of landed on him. He was more scared than anything. He had a mouth full of dirt and a scratched up face, but nothing more. Vanessa felt terrible and called the next day to check up on him. I told her he is a boy and supposed to be rough and tough. Here's a pic though. It does look pretty bad, but he was fine.

This will probably be our last post with pictures for a while. On Monday, we are doing our pack out meaning this computer along with the majority of our stuff will be on it's way to Gulfport, MS. It should arrive in Mississippi the last week in May so Harrison and I will only live without anything for 3-4 weeks. Not too bad considering when we moved here it was 2 months. It is very bittersweet leaving here. We have met some incredible people! I guess this is the military life. Some we will see again, but most we won't. Pray Harrison and I make it to the United States safely next week! I can't wait to see friends and family that I've missed terribly! Love to all and SEE you soon!