Friday, March 26, 2010

A.J. is 1!!! Happy Birthday sweet boy!

A year ago, today, my little sister gave birth to a 9lb 7 oz baby boy and might I had she did it with no drugs! I remember being at work and waiting on an email saying he was here. I finally got that email right before I left work and I was so excited. It was a lot of fun for my sister and I to be prego at the same time and now we both have little boys. When I got home from work, Ben said you need to call your mom, A.J. is on a ventilator. I was shocked. 20 minutes earlier I thought everything was okay. Well turns out that A.J. was born with heart problems, they didn't know exactly what was wrong with him but he was being air lifted to a bigger hospital so he could be taken care of. What to do, what to do...I knew living in Spain it would take me at least a day to get home if I needed to go. I also knew a commercial flight at the spur of the moment would be around $3000. I worried about my family the whole night. The next day, which was a Friday, I called to the air terminal here on base and there was a flight leaving Friday night. I went to work on Friday and told them what was going on. To the military, in order to be considered emergency leave it has to be your immediate family members. A.J., to the military, isn't considered my immediate family. At Navy Federal, they told me that it probably wouldn't be approved for me to leave. I told them that it would be approved or that would be my last day. Miraculously, it was approved about 30 minutes later. So, I worked on Friday, went home and got Harrison and me ready to go. (Oh and we had only had Harrison's passport for about 2 weeks because it takes so long to get them here!) That night we get to the air terminal and the girl that checks you in asks me if I minded dogs. Well at the time, we had 2 dogs and I knew they didn't bother Harrison so I told her no. She asked me if 28 was too many. After all was said and done, Harrison and I were flying on a plane to North Carolina with 28 military working dogs and what seemed to be 100 marines. I felt safe, though, right? It all ended up being just fine. I got to Birmingham Saturday and momma and daddy and the kids picked us up from the airport. We went straight to UAB to see A.J. in the NICU. Katie, my sister, didn't know we were coming. I walked in, she looked at me, and it took her a minute to say What are you doing here...She was exhausted, sore from having a baby, trying to pump every 2-3 hours, and worried about her sweet sweet little man. He honestly looked like a toddler in the NICU with all the tiny tiny premature babies. Here are some pictures.

It was determined that A.J. would need surgery to repair his heart. He had open heart surgery when he was just 6 days old. He did great though! That trip I didn't get to hold the little booger. He was moved into his own room the day I had to leave. Here is a pic after surgery.

To look back on it now, I just remember praying and not knowing what would happen. A.J. and the Buie family had so many people praying for them. You can tell their little family is loved by just the amount of people in the waiting room during the surgery and the days following.

So enough about all the drama! He is 1 today! It's crazy how very vivid that day a whole year ago is in my mind. He is a funny little guy, from what I've heard. I can't wait to see him 3 weeks from today when Harrison and I leave Spain. I can't wait to see him and Harrison interact and I hope they are close. We love you so much A.J.! You had a rough little start in life and you have been such a trooper! You did give your mom a hard time with sleeping at first and I'm sure that you will keep her running once you start walking, but you are such a blessing to our family. We loved you before you were born, we love you now, and we will love you...always and forever! Here are some pics of the little guy, well he's bigger than Harrison, but age wise he is a little guy still!

I can't wait to spoil him rotten! Oh how I love being an aunt!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I just realized...

I just realized out of the 2 posts I posted today that there weren't any pictures of Harrison. My momma and Keri will get mad so I better post some. Here you go...

Our NEW home!!!

In 3 weeks, Harrison and I will be moving to Gulfport, Mississippi. We are super excited! Ben and I decided to go ahead and buy a house. Keep in mind, right now we live in a 2 bedroom/1bath home that is 900 sq ft. Our new house is 4 bedroom/2.5 baths and over 2300 sq. ft!!! And no...we aren't having enough babies to fill it up! That has been the number 1 comment. Well here are some pictures. I'll post more when we get our furniture and get it decorated.

Master Bathroom

Family Room, it also has a formal living room and dining room


Big Yard for Dixie

We are closing April 27th right now. All the appliances are staying so it's move in ready. I do want to paint because everything is white but that will come with time. Katie and A.J., and Buie of course, are going to come help me decorate. I can't wait! Harrison and I will be in the states 3 weeks from Friday!!! Love to all and SEE you soon!

Last European Vacation for a while!

Warning: This will be a long post! We spent the majority of last week in Ireland. I have to say that is an amazing country and if you EVER get a chance to go, GO!!! We left on Tuesday. We flew to Madrid and missed our flight to Dublin so we had to stay in Madrid for the night. It was completely the airline's fault and of course, being in Europe there was absolutely no customer service so we had to pay to go to Dublin and pay for a hotel in Madrid that night. No worries...we hit up the Hard Rock Cafe in Madrid and just made a night of it! Wednesday was St. Patrick's Day and yes we spent it in Dublin Ireland. What a chance of a lifetime. It was crazy, but so much fun and a great experience! It was also Ben's birthday so yes, he turned 30 on St. Patrick's day in Dublin. He said by far it was his favorite birthday! We spent Wednesday just walking around Dublin. Here are some pictures.

On Thursday, we took an all day tour to the west coast of Ireland. The main stop was the Cliffs of Moher which were beautiful!

We also saw the Dunguaire Castle in Kinvara Ireland.

Corcomroe Abbey

The Leamanagh Castle

The lady that lived in the Leamanagh Castle was believed to be killing off her husbands. Her third husband fell from the highest point of the castle and died. It's believed that she pushed him.

Next was Kilfenora Ireland. This is where the original Celtic crosses or high crosses are.

Next we came to Lisdoonvarna Ireland. Every year in September, they host Europe's largest Matchmaking Festival. Yes, everyone at the festival is single and they all hang out for the week. The tour guide said it can get pretty wild!

Next we came to Doolin Ireland. If we ever get a chance to go back to Ireland, we will stay at a bed and breakfast here. We ate at this great little pub. The food was so good!

Ben finally got his cornbeef and cabbage which in Ireland they call bacon and cabbage.

On Thursday after the tour, we hit up the Dublin Hard Rock Cafe. It wasn't my favorite one so far. It was very small and the things inside it weren't taken care of.
On Friday, we toured the Guinness Storehouse before returning to Spain. Although I'm not a big fan of Guinness, it was a very interesting tour! They have spent a lot of time and money putting together this museum!

We we could definitely have used a couple more days in Ireland. There was so much that we didn't get to see and do. Hopefully, one day, we can go back!

Monday, March 8, 2010