Monday, December 27, 2010


Deployment isn't fun! That's just sugar coating it, no pretending it is, it's not! If you saw me out in public, I "appear" to have it together, but most days I don't. Most days a sappy country song I hear on my way to work brings me to tears. Thinking about coming home to an empty house, brings tears. Yes I work a full time job, have a 2 year old, I'm prego, and my husband is deployed! I'm very thankful he isn't somewhere dangerous because I just don't think I could handle that stress of worrying about him too. He's only been gone for 2 weeks. The first month is by far the hardest so that's what I'm waiting on to come and go! Ben left December 10th and won't be back until August. August seems like an eternity! Yes, this baby will be born without him here and no he isn't going to try to take leave. At some point during this deployment, he will be going to Africa so he can't come home. It's kind of sad for this baby. It will all work out! That's what I have to keep telling myself. I'm in Gulfport surrounded by people that love me and are so willing to help me and for that I'm very thankful!

Here are some pictures of Harrison telling dada bye. He didn't understand and still doesn't now. Some days he is mad. Some he is sad. We say our prayer for him every night though. We watch our home videos with dada in them. We listen to the recordable books Ben made for him before he left, but it's still not the same. It's not the same as having him here...

Sorry to vent, but I do feel better! Christmas posts tomorrow. I have to try and get some sleep!

Harrison's 2nd Birthday

This year we knew Ben was deploying so we wanted to go ahead and give him his birthday gift a little early, so Ben could be there, and go ahead and have his party. Every year it seems like this little guy's birthday drags on most the month of December and this year was no exception! I'm not complaining, but I hope he doesn't get used to it and expect it! Before his birthday party we gave him his gift. It was fun!

He wasn't too sure about it at first, but now he calls it "his yellow." He's starting to learn to stear it and not run into anything!

We had his birthday party at iJump on 280. It was a very easy birthday party. I was worried he would be scared of all the jumpy things, but not at all!

Of course his daddy had to get in on the action!

His buddy, and cousin, he calls "Pat Pat"

His Elmo cake!

Ben's mom and grandma

We didn't open presents at his birthday party. He's just too slow at it! We waited until we got home! He is definitely one loved little guy!

Time to play catch-up

I guess we should start back with Thanksgiving. That seems so long ago now! After 3 years of living overseas, we got to spend Thanksgiving with our family this year! It was so nice! Thanksgiving day we ate with Ben's family, Friday we ate with the Ford side of the family, and Saturday we had Harrison's birthday party. It was a fun filled weekend!

Outside at Ben's parent's house...we both look very tired!

Going to feed the horses with his Grandaddy

Just him being cute!

Love this little guy more than words can say!

The little boys, Harrison and A.J., getting the big boys!

Harrison and Sarah ready to eat!

Mom with 2 of her 7 grandbabies! These two are only 4 months apart and a handful!

Harrison eating dessert!

More on Harrison's birthday in the next post!