Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Saying Goodbye to 2010

Ben said my last post was really depressing. Sorry about that...just how I felt that day! Harrison and I are making it. We aren't back into a great routine yet, but we are getting there. 2010 was pretty hectic for our little family! Here's the run down:

January- Ben and mine anniversary...3 years! I turned 30.
February- Nothing I really remember.
March- Ben turned 30 and we took our trip to Ireland (PRICELESS!!!)
April- Harrison and I moved back to the states! Also, we became home owners.
May- I started working again and Harrison started daycare.
June- Still trying to get adjusted to living in the states! Harrison turned 18 months.
July- Ben joined us!
August- Took Harrison to Auburn for the first time
September- Found out we were pregnant
October- Ben was gone to FEX for a week.
November- Got to spend Thanksgiving at home for the 1st time in 3 years!
December- Harrison turned 2! Ben deployed! Spent Christmas at home. So much fun to be with our families since living overseas!

2011 will be a special year for our family! We will be adding a new little person and Ben will finally get to come home in August! We are excited to see what else 2011 will bring!